2009 Excellence in Education Grants ($25,000)
Geo Motion Mats at BRS
Fun with Fundations phonics/language program for all of BRS
Pragmatic Language board games at BRS
Broaden Our World with Multicultural Literature for all BRS students
Listening, Learning Centers for grades 2-4 and ELL
Interactive Response System assistive learning technology
Literacy & Non-Ficion: A Bridge Connecting Content Areas for gr. 6
Creative Twist on a Reading Unit for gr. 5 author studies
Geography Global Awareness for 5th and 6th grade social studies
Middle School Edible Garden
PMS Band Library Expansion Project
Physical Education/Fit for Life pedometers for PHS
Music, Media, and Magic performance DVDs and DVD player at PHS
Pleasantville Goes Green, 3 recycling containers at PHS