In partnership with the PHS PCO and Pleasantville AYSO, the Pleasantville Fund for Learning awarded seven grants for the Pleasantville School District totaling $44,942 in 2013. 

All Schools – Video Streaming Solution for PUFSD:  $28,000 (funded in partnership with the PHS PCO)
[Sam Aidala (BRS), Tom Baffuto (PHS), Kelly Benanti (BRS), America Blanco (PHS), Mary Lynne Bonforte (PHS), Melissa Brown (PMS), Ed Dans (PHS), Bonnie Ellis (BRS), Timothy Healy (PHS), Lance Levine (PMS), Drew Marino (PHS), Christopher Marsden (BRS), Robert Slotoroff (PMS, and Deirdre Vedovino (BRS)]

Brings Discovery Education, a video-streaming and interactive media solution paired with a district-owned server, to all educators and students in grades K-12.  All curriculum areas in each school will benefit from this resource, which also helps in meeting Common Core Learning Standards.

BRS – Bucket Filling Station:  $867 (funded in partnership with Pleasantville AYSO)
(Susanne Wilson, Dr. Cynthia Kramer)
Enhances the BRS recess “Bucket Filling Station” with materials/equipment that foster cooperative play, problem-solving skills, and acceptance of differences.

BRS – Classroom Performance Student Response Systems:  $1,059
(Catherine O’Rourke)
Spark Student Response Systems for third grade students to input answers with SmartBoards and Castle Learning; replaces need for individual computer stations for online assessments.

BRS – Read Naturally One-Minute Readers:  $1,800
(Joan Deconne)
The Read Naturally program helps students with reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development. Enriches the first grade ELA curriculum as stories are non-fiction, meeting Common Core standards.

BRS – iPads for Literacy:  $3,420
(Laura Twomey)
Grant would create literacy learning centers that integrate iPad technology.  Literacy apps would enable first grade students to expand their writing and narrative skills and enhance vocabulary.

BRS – Building on STEM with mechanized machines and LEGO blocks:  $4,960
(Lisa Rodriguez)

Second grade students will design, build, and use simple and motorized LEGO mechanisms.  Grant enhances Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) second grade curriculum.

MS – Rock of Ages guitar music program:  $4,836
(Traci Sandler)

The Rock of Ages guitar music program provides beginner guitar skills on acoustic guitars and music literacy to 8th grade music curriculum