The Pleasantville Fund for Learning (PFFL) announced its Excellence in Education Grants for 2015 last June.  In partnership with Pleasantville Hiawatha Masonic Lodge #434, Pleasantville SEPTA, Bill Flooks, and the P-Daddys 2020, the PFFL awarded nine grants for the Pleasantville School District totaling $32,375.  The PFFL thanks its community partners, event attendees, and donors for their generosity throughout the year, helping to make these grants happen for our children and schools.2015PFFLGrantWinners

Below is a list of the PFFL 2015 Excellence in Education Grants, including name/description of grant, dollar amount awarded, and the names of the grant applicants.

BRS Kindergarten COREPacks ($1,157)
Classroom set of backpacks that contain thematic, Common Core-aligned literature and activities, which can be sent home with Kindergarten students on a rotating basis.
Kindergarten Teachers Jennifer Picco, Tina DeVoe, Sheila Moran, Debbie Antilla, Deanna Nola, Kim Vecchiariello

BRS Gr. 2 Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food ($1,500)
Second graders will learn about farm-to-table with in-classroom programs and materials from Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown.
Cathy Sabol, BRS Parent; Peggy Galotti, Principal, Bedford Road School

PMS MakerSpace and Maker Programs ($9,560)
Establish a Middle School MakerSpace that encourages hands-on, multisensory creative projects across disciplines from STEM to related arts.  MakerSpace includes traditional tools, new technologies (3D printer), and textiles, and will be tied to Gr. 8 STEM and Grs. 7/8 Library Tech classes.
Marissa Fraher, M.S. Librarian; Melissa Brown, M.S. Extended Learning Coordinator, Literacy Coach, ELA/AIS Teacher; Dr. Kern Mojica, M.S. STEM and Math Teacher

PMS Walls that Inspire ($5,300; funded in partnership with Pleasantville Hiawatha Masonic Lodge #434)
PMS/PHS art teachers will coordinate middle school students in painting murals at PMS.  Mural themes are based on middle school character education and curricular studies, enhancing learning and awareness for all PMS students.
Donald Marra, Assistant Principal, Pleasantville Middle School

PMS Technology for the Music Classroom ($140)
Provide new orchestra software to expand use/scope of equipment granted in 2014 New Band Room/Music PFFL Grant.
Hillary Johnson, M.S. Chorus and General Music Teacher; Mary Ann Meade, M.S. and PHS Orchestra Teacher; Maura O’Loughlin, M.S. and BRS Strings Teacher and M.S. General Music Teacher

PMS Bass Drums Replacement Project ($1,530)
Replace bass drums and stands for M.S. bands and music program.
Dorian Nuccio, M.S. Music and Band Teacher; Jon Vercesi, M.S. and BRS Band Teacher

PHS Modeling in Science ($888)
Incorporate student-generated science models into the PHS science classrooms, using document cameras and projectors.
Filiz Becer, PHS Earth Science Teacher; Kesiah Mathew, PHS Science Teacher; Joanne Pugliese, Science Department Chairperson and PHS Science Teacher; Greg DiMurro, PHS Physics Teacher; Brian Rivenburg, PHS Science Teacher; Allison Steinberg, PHS Special Education/Science Teacher;Tim Healy, PHS Science Teacher; Stephanielynn Marra, PHS Special Education/Science Teacher

PHS 3D Printer ($6,000)
Purchase a 3-D printer and beginning ancilliary supplies to enhance Art and STEM curricula, thereby offering PHS students the opportunity and accessibility to advanced techological- and artistic-based learning and design.
James Maron, Art Department Chairperson and PHS Art Teacher; Joanne Pugliese, Science Department Chairperson and PHS Science Teacher

PHS School Store ($6,300; funded in partnership with Pleasantville SEPTA and Bill Flooks)
Create a PHS school store, spearheaded by ISP and collaborative with general education teachers and entire PHS student body.
Susanne Wilson, PHS Special Education Teacher