Watching teachers pursue new ideas in their classrooms, and seeing our grants in the hands of Pleasantville children are the rewards of serving on our Board.  We invite you to join us.  All you need is an interest in Pleasantville education and a desire to work with a group of interesting, creative, and committed people.  Our Board raises money by putting on events as well as direct solicitation, promotes the PFFL through various channels, and, most importantly, holds an annual grant cycle where we give out our funds.  If you feel you might be interested in joining, email us at


Adina McGinley
Ali Bothwell Mancini
Annemarie Fuccillo
Becky Allardyce
Brooke Fera
Carolyn Townsend
Chris Morea
Courtney Boyce
Dana Shay Ipri
Deirdre Paltz
Elizabeth Brody
Holly Boes
Joan Jacobsen
Julia Gonick Wike
Kelly Farling, Co-Chair
Keri Gregersen
Kieran Moran
Kirsten Aghen
Krista LaPunzina
LaVern Kittsley
Linda Natale
Margaret Ables
Mary Byrnes
Megan Perry
Melissa Anderman
Prudence Purcell Wright
Rachel Skrzypczak
Rebecca Donahue
Sarah Slocum, Co-Chair
Sonia Stufano-Forchetti
Stacy Dahl, Treasurer
Mary Fox-Alter (School District)*


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