Below is a list of the PFFL 2017 Excellence in Education Grants, including name/description of grant, dollar amount awarded, and the names of the grant applicants.

Grant #1 Sensory Classroom– Bedford Road School, Cara Padovani and Kyle Garrigan.  Awarding $2,100, in partnership with SEPTA

This grant will create a stimulating learning environment in the ISP classroom at Bedford Road School by providing sensory products to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Grant #2- Early Coding with Bee Bots– Bedford Road School, Lisa Rodriguez.  Awarding $3,339.00

This grant will go toward the purchase of 6 classroom sets of programmable bee bot robots.  These robots will develop coding skills and increase student access to computer programming in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms at Bedford Road School.

Grant #3- Lego Mindstorm Education– Pleasantville Middle School, Kern Mojica and Melissa Brown.  Awarding $6,459.95

This grant will allow for the purchase of the Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. Students in 5th and 8th grades will use these robots to enhance their problem solving skills while working through open-ended problems related to STEM and computer science.

 Grant #4- Brick Building Mosaics– Bedford Road School- Jen Picco, Deanna Nola, Sheila Moran, Kim Vecchiariello, Debbie Anttila. Awarding $491.04, in partnership with the Masonic Lodge.

This grant will provide each kindergarten classroom with a STEM learning center, where students can imagine and create their own mosaic designs using building bricks and base plates.

 Grant #5- Standing Up to Learn– Bedford Road School- Peggy Galotti, Lisa Long and Laura Twomey.  Awarding $2,439.80, in partnership with the BRS PTA and SEPTA.

This grant will provide a primary and intermediate classroom with Stand to Learn Desks and stools creating flexible seating arrangements and an active learning space as part of a pilot program working to improve student engagement and retention.

 Grant #6- Digital Music– Pleasantville High School- High School Student Rami Omar.  Awarding $3,398.00 in partnership with the Friends of the Performing Arts.

This grant provides the equipment needed to offer a digital music course as a high school elective.  This grant will provide the computers and equipment necessary to allow students to use technology to work creatively, collaborate with classmates and learn about the development of music.

 Grant #7- Surface Studio Computer– Pleasantville High School- High School Students, Joe Zucker and Andrei Captan.  Awarding $3,100 in partnership with the Friends of the Visual Arts

This grant will provide the purchase of a surface studio computer, which will be used for graphic design as well as photo, video and music editing.  The computer can also be used for animation, digital storytelling, and 3D design. The computer is compatible with the 3D printer at the high school.

 Grant #8- Jazz Improvisation– Pleasantville High School- Tom Heintzelman.  Awarding $1,200 in partnership with The Friends of the Performing Arts.

This grant will provide students in the Jazz Band with 4 in-depth sessions with Jazz musicians.  The guest artists will work with students on jazz improvisation, improving their music and playing skills. This project will help students find their individual and unique voice through their musical expression.

 Grant #9- Keyboarding Program– Bedford Road School and Pleasantville Middle School- Lisa Rodriguez, Melissa Brown and Tina Iannoti  Awarding $1,558.00 in partnership with the Pleasantville Rotary Club.

This grant will create a cohesive K-8 keyboarding program by providing an online subscription for keyboarding software that will improve students’ computer and typing skills.

 Grant #10-Active Learning Experience Core– Pleasantville Middle School and Pleasantville High School- Melissa Brown and Chris Welch.  Awarding $6,005.00

This grant will provide the necessary supplies and equipment needed to bring active learning pedagogy and strategies into classrooms at the middle and high schools.  These new active learning spaces will provide an environment that will promote group collaboration, cooperation and problem-solving skills.

 Grant #11- STEAM Lab Project– Pleasantville Middle School- Melissa Brown, Marissa Fraher and Cameron Fadjo.  Awarding $13,037.90 in partnership with the Middle School PTA.

This grant will provide the equipment and supplies needed to create a new middle school STEAM Lab which will enhance the current computer quad program, aligning it with the new K-8 computer science curriculum. This new equipment will allow the incorporation of more scientific inquiry-based learning, design and creative thinking, engineering design process, as well as mathematical problem solving throughout the Middle School technology courses.

 Grant #12- Tools For Success– Pleasantville High School- Dan Brink, Rosemary Browne, Deirdre Vedovino, Kristen Weiss and Susi Wilson. Awarding $907.20.

This grant will purchase keyboards and headphones for use in the high school special education program. This new equipment will be used in conjunction with the new high school iPads to increase access to technology for students with disabilities.

 Grant #13- iPads for Education– Pleasantville High School- Joe Palumbo.  Awarding $9,939.98 in partnership with SEPTA and High School PCO.

This grant will purchase 15 iPads for use by students in the high school in order to enhance educational experiences across all disciplines. This grant includes the purchase of an iPad cart and AppleCare.