The Pleasantville Fund for Learning awarded 10 grants for the Pleasantville school district totaling $18,020 in 2016.

BRS- Hot Dot Math– Enhance and enrich the grade 4 common core math curriculum by providing manipulatives such as, hot dot cards, pens, and multi-digit dry erase boards.

BRS- Magnetic Mania– Enrich the 4th grade magnetism units by providing equipment (magnets) for a hands on inquiry based unit.

MS-Cricut Explore Air Machine– Enhance the grade 5 student project books (book reports, Canadian province report, social studies scrapbooks, etc.) and Homebase classes with a Cricut Air Machine, starter kit, and 1-year subscription.

MS- Outdoor Education Project– Offers Middle School students outdoor educational Activities, including geocaching, team trax walkers, toobeez, create-a-beam, and object retrieval during their lunch/recess period.

 MS-Healthy Eating Patterns– Creates a new grade 7 Home Skills food lab where students will grow and harvest vegetables in the Panther Paws Garden, then prepare (with spiralizer, dehydrator) and sample the vegetables.

MS- Cooper Institute FitnessGram Software– Helps students track their fitness levels and goals with the implementation of FitnessGram software and Cooper Institute subscription.

MS- Whole New World Music Technology– Incorporates technology (Eno board, projector, speakers, etc.) into M.S. general music, orchestra, and chorus programs, to augment and expand M.S. music curriculum.

MS- A Memory: An Intergenerational Treasure– Enhances the 8th Grade ELA curriculum by providing training and materials for the 8th graders to work with Pleasantville Senior Citizens on memoirs.

MS/PHS- RAMP School Counseling Program– Provides training for Guidance Counselors in Middle and High School for the RAMP application and will strengthen the services offered to students.